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Come visit us, the review and diagnosis are free, top quality dental treatments, unbeatable rates and payment facilities

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Clínica Dental Zárate

An excellent team of professionals offering professional dental services for the correction of the jaw joint. Among these services and interventions are the correction of the maxilla and mandible (orthognathic surgery), dental implants, placement of hyaluronic acid, bichectomies and the entire maxillofacial complex, etc.




Our services

We have extensive facilities and the most innovative tools and instrumentation, all to give a high quality service and achieve the complete satisfaction of our patients.


Customer reviews

Lorenzo Gutiérrez

Filling - Endodontics

Very happy with the work done at the Zarate Dental Clinic and the treatment received by all the staff, regarding the Endodontic treatment I had no problem, I attended the necessary appointments to comply with all the Endodontic treatment, Stump mold and then mold the cover, obtaining a completely satisfactory result in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

María Jesús Torrejón

Dental implants

The treatment carried out was totally satisfactory for me, as for the placement of the implants I had no problem, I waited the three months that was indicated for me to later place the covers… I am very happy with all the treatments done in the clinic.

María Camila Ríos


The treatment provided by the Zarate Dental Clinic was totally satisfactory, fulfilling all my expectations in my oral health, from the study prepared and the placement of orthodontic appliances. It was a long treatment but with an effective result and always with due follow-up before, during and after.

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Come visit us

Come visit us, the review and diagnosis are free. Top quality dental treatments, unbeatable rates and payment facilities