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Specialists in micropigmentation for semi-permanent makeup in Madrid and Toledo

What woman would not like to be already made up and take her natural eyes, lips and eyebrows where people do not notice!

Zárate Clinic invites you to discover this semi-permanent makeup technique Conture make-up. You will achieve a radiant expression in the morning, without removing make-up at night. We can pigment so finely that our result looks perfect, but not as if it is pigmented. That is the reason for our resounding success.

What is micropigmentation?

It consists of the implantation of micropigments in the skin using an advanced and modern machine. It is a painless, safe technique without any risk to health. In the micropigmentation machine the desired color is introduced into the skin and an extremely fine needle is used for exceptionally precise and smooth pigmentation.

How does micropigmentation work?

Semi-permanent makeup works naturally on eyebrow thickening, shaping and lifting, drawing hair by hair, as well as on the lips, achieving a reduction of the outline, and the line of the eyes.

How long does micropigmentation last?

The conture make up method, originally from Germany, does not last for a lifetime, because people’s features change over the years.

The durability of micropigmentation on the lash line varies from person to person. It depends, among other things, on the intensity of the pigmentation, the color used, the natural renewal of the skin and external influences such as sun exposure, etc. It can last for several years, but we recommend that the color be updated annually.


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