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Zarate Dental Clinic has an excellent group of medical and dental professionals, who have been working for more than 13 years curing and improving the oral health of our patients.



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The center of Seseña (Toledo) opened its doors in 2008 by the hand of Dr. Miguel Ángel Zárate Gamarra. Since then, his career has always been upward, to the point of opening a new dental clinic in Pinto (Madrid) a few years ago.

At Zarate Dental Clinic we are experts in all types of dental treatments in Madrid and Toledo, mainly in the areas of implantology, oral maxillofacial surgery and general dentistry, adapting each year to the constant advances in the scientific and technical development of our specialty.

We have the most advanced technology, which allows us to offer the best dental treatments, always personalized and adjusted to the needs of each patient.

All the professionals who carry out their work in our facilities are qualified specialists in the different areas of dentistry, who will provide you with detailed information about your diagnosis and offer you the best oral treatments.

Our values are based on personalized attention, human quality, safety and hygiene, professionalism, seriousness and commitment. We advise you and provide you with the best solutions for your mouth.


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