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Dr. Miguel Zárate

February 21, 2023
  • Dentist-odonto-stomatologist surgeon.
  • Specialist in Traumatology and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (Maimonides University).
  • Specialist in Implantology and Prosthesis on Implants.
  • Master in Oral Rehabilitation and Implantology (Europeanschool of Oral Rehabilitation Implantology and Biomaterials).
  • D.U. in Oral Implantology and Maxillofacial Surgery. Paris France.
  • Postgraduate in Oral Medicine. Complutense University.
  • Postgraduate in Advanced Surgery. University of Havana – Cuba.
  • Active member of the Spanish Society of Implantology.
  • Director of ISAIAS (European Studies in Advanced Implantology and Surgery).
  • Speaker at national and international conferences.
  • Course on Complications in Implantology and Prosthesis on Implants. Biometcompany. Barcelona (2006).
  • Practical training course in implantology. Astratech. Madrid (2004-2005).
  • Course of anatomical bases of implantology. Complutense University. Madrid (2005).
  • Theoretical and practical course of Maxillary Sinus Elevation Surgery. Biometcompany. Barcelona (2006).
  • Advanced Surgery Course on Implants. Klockner. Madrid (2006).
  • International Symposium on Oral Implantology. Bilbao (2008).
  • Periodontal and Bone Regeneration Course. Stomatological College. Madrid.
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